Sunday 29 November 2020

Nissan Skyline R34 GTT remote locking & alarm

So what's it like to own a Skyline?

I'm not gonna lie: the R34 Skyline is a car that I've lusted after for years, and seeing this beauty in my garage never fails to put a smile on my face!

The downside

Constant worries! Theft risk was apparently not much of a problem when this car was produced. Although the car does have central locking, Nissan didn't think it was necessary to fit an alarm system. How different is that situation now, with people constantly taking pictures of the R34 on the streets and in parking lots. To stop myself from having to look outside every five minutes one of the first things that needed to be added was a decent alarm system.
NO, I'm not going to share details on the alarm for this car, LOL. However, one of the things I needed to find out was how to link the alarm's central locking feature to the car's existing electronics. The way to do this is described below; hopefully it will help others in the future.

The challenge

The wiring diagram clearly shows the lock / unlock connections that need to be used to add the new remote locking signals coming from the alarm unit (pins 10 and 11 on the original Remote Locking module). Pulling these pins low (e.g. to ground) will activate the lock/unlock function.

The issue with this? When using these pins, only the driver's door will lock/unlock with the new remote! Something clearly needs to be changed to also make the passenger door work.


A simple solution

Luckily the fix for this problem is an easy one. First, locate the Remote control entry module mounted next to the steering column:

Remove the board from its plastic case:

The only change that will need to be made is to bridge the two diodes located in the top right corner of the picture above. Here's a detailed picture of the diodes:

That's it! The diodes separate the signals for the doors; without these the alarm remote will work as expected, locking and unlocking both doors.


Did this help you? Please let me know

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about this change. Also, I'd like to hear from you if this article was helpful to you!